Welcome to my website. My name is Polly Strange and I am a professional singer & singing teacher. I’m experienced teaching most styles of singing, particularly pop/rock, musical theatre and classical. Most of my professional work is as a session singing in the pop/EDM sector but I’ve taught a lot of musical theatre singers previously at Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts, and now as part of the singing faculty at SLP College.

Lessons are open to all aged 8 and above. All abilities and levels of experience from total beginner to seasoned pro are catered for.

I deliver tuition that focusses on:

  • Well established, physiologically sound modern vocal techniques.

  • Pop/rock music theory and notation skills.

  • The development of listening, analytical and interpretational aural skills.

  • Songwriting & development.

  • Improvisation/ad lib/riffing skills to create imaginative and individual performers.

  • Performance skills and confidence building.

  • Create & singing harmonies.

  • Creating opportunities to take graded musical exams (classical, pop/rock, musical theatre)- although this is optional and is up to the individual.

  • Microphone technique.

  • Recording technique and the opportunities to record within your lessons.

  • Confidence building.

  • You can also incorporate a some beginner piano skills into your lessons for songwriting & accompaniment. (Please note however that I do not offer tuition to those who just wish to play the piano.)

Singing lessons can also help children's speech & language development; and lyric reading can be excellent reading practice for all children but particularly those who are having difficulties reading or find it stressful- the singing makes them forget that they are reading too!